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We help you solve your formulation challenges, including scaling up, new ingredient integrations, certification, stability, and ongoing optimization.

Flexible Manufacturing

We can support your brand’s growth with small-batch production, hand packaging services, and large-scale runs.

Focus on your Brand

You are the expert in brand development; let us take the administrative burden of warehousing, logistics, brokerage, and import out of your way.


Stock – Pick one of our tested formulas with the right attributes for your needs. These formulas have been tested and meet regulatory requirements. Select a container, and we apply your label. This is a great low-cost option for small businesses.

Base – Start with a base stock and add the actives and fragrances to match your brand specs. This is a great option to reach the market quickly while managing development costs.

Custom – Our Expertise is scaling up your formula to larger production or developing a new product with control over every input. You select the ingredients, texture, actives, colour and fragrance. This option gives you a sustained edge over your competition.


At ILC, we manufacture a wide range of product formats, such as liquids, gels, emulsions, waxes, scrubs, creams, powders etc. We offer small-batch as well as scaled runs.

Our production facility operates under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and under a Health Canada Natural Health Product site licence (NHP).

We manufacture formulas developed in our lab or will take your formula and manufacture it in Canada. If you are looking to access the North American market, we are an ideal partner for avoiding costs and issues with shipping.

Supply Chain, Sales & Support

Warehouse – We offer competitive rates for warehouse storage. Your product stays in our controlled environment and can save you on transportation and rent.

Logistics – We can take care of all your shipping needs. As a third-party logistics (3PL) partner, ILC offers you lower rates and better service to your customers.

Packaging and Ingredients – We are happy to present an array of input materials to our clients. We are also happy to source the materials for your next project.

Sales Support- Ready to compete for retail space? Our selling team will have your product in front of leading retailers both here in Canada and in the US and globally. Ideal for our manufacturing clients, but this service is available to all brands.

Let’s work together on your next project