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How much will this cost?

Every project and service has different factors that contribute to the cost. Typically, we can get you a good estimate after an initial discussion on the project. Factors such as hard-to-source ingredients or specialized equipment requirements can impact cost. Contact us to get a quote.

Where do you manufacture?

All of our manufacturing takes place in Calgary, Alberta. We do not outsource or subcontract any project.

What Licences do you hold?

We operate under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and maintain a Natural Health Products (NHP) site licence from Health Canada.

How do you score on sustainability?

We start by seeking partners, suppliers and clients who have a shared belief that we need to make choices to avoid waste. We make an extra effort to use recycled plastics, produce in recyclable containers, and, by operating in Canada, comply with strict control of site practices. We would be happy to provide your project with options to decrease climate impact.

What is your minimum order Quantity?

We aim to get a project to a 500-unit minimum run but are looking into small runs for limited offers. Our minimums are some of the best in the business!

So what are all the services you offer?

We will offer the following services:

Formulate: The process of building or adapting a product to run on a larger scale. In this stage, we will assist in any regulatory requirements dictated in each project.

Manufacture: We will blend, bottle, package, label, and put it in a shipping box. We will maintain your quality control samples from each batch. We will also perform any required micro-analysis and product testing.

Warehouse and logistics: We can be your full-service distribution center.

Consulting: We want all our clients to grow and build their businesses. ILC is happy to provide our team’s expertise to our clients.

Who owns the formula?

If you come to us with a vision to formulate the final formula is yours. We do offer house formulations that are not exclusive but can be slightly customized.

What products do you manufacture?

Skin Care: Lotions, scrubs, powders, serums, oils, deodorants, masks, sprays, shaving/after-shaving products, and balms.

Hair Care: Shampoo, Conditioners, Dry Shampoo, Pomade and styling products, oils, masks

Personal Care: Intimate lubricants, hard wax, waxes, sugar waxes, toothpaste, sunscreen, and solid perfumes.

Special products: We have made pet shampoos and natural household cleaners.

We do not do food-grade items. We are not licenced for goods that require a DIN (Drug Identification Number)